Chemicals Overview

Think of your pool chemicals as a team. Each group performs a specific task, but they all need each other to work properly.


Shocks & Algaecides 

These are the attackers in your pool. at the first signs of trouble these chemicals eliminate unwanted bacteria, germs, and foreign agents from your pool water. Keeping it clean and safe for you to swim. 



Acting as a 'base' or 'foundation', sanitizers such as chlorine are always present in your pool, helping to keep your water clean, clear, and ready for fun.  


Water balance

Helping to support your sanitizer level, water clarity, and overall chemical stability of your pool water; Chemicals such as PH Rise, PH Lower, Alklinity Rise, Calcium Rise are all important member of your pools chemical ecosystem. 


Specialized agents

Sometimes certain problems can require special treatments. Stubborn stains, unwanted algae, or pesky phosphates can cause frustrating symptoms for your pool. Just like medicine, there are specific treatments to all of these issues.    


NoN-Chlorine Alternatives

Sensitive skin? Can't stand the smell of chlorine? Don't worry, there are plenty of options for someone seeking a non-chlorine alternative for their pool, such as Baquacil.